Artist Studio – Het Boog Atelier

Artist Studio – Het Boog Atelier
Location: Opposite Mon Art Gallery in The Renaissance Rif Fort.
Start date: 2013-05-13
End date: 2013-05-25
Time: 10 AM till Noon (closed on Sunday).

Mon Art Gallery in Curaçao, located in  The Renaissance Rif Fort Otrobanda is organizing a special event. For two weeks, two visual artists will be working together in one of the vaults of the old Rif Fort. Visitors are encouraged to enter the studio and observe the creative process.


Ria Houwen and Mimi van Bindsbergen are both fascinated by the human body but have a different view and approach when working with a model. In this temporarily artist studio they will work out previously made sketches of the same model.

Ria Houwen came to Curaçao in 1974. From the moment she set foot on the island she knew she would never leave again. Mimi van Bindsbergen is preparing for departure after a 5 year stay on the island in which she submerged herself in the people, activities and the landscape of Curaçao.

Ria is always searching for the essence of the human body. She focuses on form and proportion, reducing details to the minimum. To her the body is a symbol of beauty, truth or both. But it can also be used for the expression of feelings. Mimi on the other hand  sees the body as a translation of its surroundings like the landscape or the wind. But the body may also appear as light, as if blinded by the light of the Curaçao sun.

Visit Ria and Mimi in the artist studio: May 13 – 25th, 2013. 10AM till Noon (closed on Sunday).

Saturday May 18th, 2013 Mon Art Gallery will open the farewell-exhibition by Mimi van Bindsbergen ‘Bai Bin’.