Arte pa libertat den Pietermaai

Arte pa libertat den Pietermaai

NAAM (National Archaeological Anthropological Memory Management) organizes the art manifestation Arte pa libertat den Pietermaai (Art for freedom in Pietermaai), to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Curaçao through art.

For this exhibition the public at large was invited to participate with artworks based on the theme ‘What does liberty mean to you?’. Artworks are displayed at the institute itself and at different locations in Pietermaai. Several shops, restaurants and cafe’s are participating, where the artworks can be viewed during opening hours of the establishments. There are also 5 locations with ‘Wall Art’ on the street.
The following pictures were taken at the opening.

Participants (listed in alphabetical order):
Dominique Adriaans, Marilyn Alcallá-Wallé, Zico Alves, Willem de Bode, Marilyn Brooks, Maghalie van den Bunt-George, Esther Cheri, Julissa Colina, Didi Dometilie, Shardenia Felicia, Martie Genger, Solange Hendrikse, Asyla ten Holt, Marjolein Jaspers, Bert Knubben, Theo Lammers, Sandra Leonora, Sandra Lewis-Nieuw, Rochelle Monte, Arthur Oster, Irela Panneflek, Herta Parabirsing, Morgain Parris, Joke Piso, Pito Polo, Katiuska Quinones, Ced Ride, Gilliam Rog, Norva Sling, Omar Sling, Selwyn de Wind, Otto Zalm.

Participating establishments:
NAAM, In&Out Lifestyle, Papa’s Restaurant, Mundo Bizarro, Jolanda Wils Kapsalon, Kome, Sparkle, Scuba Lodge, Miles, Saint Tropez Oceanclub, Ginger and Silver.

The manifestation takes place from October 10 till December 7, 2013.
More information (special folder) is obtainable at NAAM.
Johan van Walbeeckplein 13
T (+5999) 462 1933


Fundashon Arte ’99, Arte pa Libertat
Arte pa Libertat den Pietermaai  is patronized by the Foundation Fundashon Arte ’99,  Arte pa Libertat to commemorate in Curaçao, the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the Dutch Kingdom.