Anna Lies Bruens solo in Gallery Alma Blou

Anna Lies Bruens solo in Gallery Alma Blou

Curaçao on a Friday morning – Kòrsou riba un djabièrne mainta, is the title of the new solo exhibition by
Anna Lies Bruens in Gallery Alma Blou.

Opening: Saturday, June 24 2017.
Time: 19:30- 21:00 hrs.

Opening words by Carlos Blaaker.

The exhibition remains till July 8, 2017.

Gallery Alma Blou is located in Landhuis Habaai, Fr. Radulphusweg 4. Tel (+5999) 4628896.

For the past 3 years, Anna Lies Bruens (Curaçao, 1954) has been part of a group of plein-air enthousiasts. Every Friday morning the participants meet to draw or paint in the open air.  Hence the title of her present exhibition: Curaçao on a Friday morning.

En plein air or plein-airism is a French term, indicating that the painting has been made in the open, instead of in a studio. The practice started in 19th century France and requires special techniques. For instance light is an important factor.  As light outside in nature changes constantly, it requires the artist to paint faster than when working in a studio. For example the Impressionist movement (1867-1886) is well known for painting plein-air.

Anna Lies Bruens is a talented, starting artist. Her previous exhibition in 2013, was also her introduction. She presented herself for the first time with an hommage to women, titled ‘From woman to woman’, held in Gallery Alma Blou. The exhibition was dedicated to the female body and opened by her teacher Ria Houwen.

Her present exhibition is opened by visual artist Carlos Blaaker. He is convinced of her talent and calls her one of the most talented local artist of the moment, in Curaçao. Bruens remains modest and comments that she paints because it gives her pleasure and joy.

Together with her plein-air group Anna Lies paints at various locations. Bandabou, the Kunuku (rough landscape), along the shores, historic downtown, abandoned  buildings and other special sites.

Her paintings are a perfect way to discover Curaçao. Through the eye of the artist we see the beautiful natural lighting in houses as well as the decay and darkness of the abandoned buildings. She shows us nature’s splendours in threatening skies above the sea and so much more.

This form of painting undoubtedly records part of Curaçao’s present, documenting it for the future. Plein air is vastly gaining popularity on the island, especially since Hellen Chirino is organizing the International Plein Air Festival in Curaçao. An international event, organized every other year, since 2013.
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‘Kòrsou riba un djabièrnè mainta’ remains till July 8, 2017.