Tula 2.0

Tula 2.0
Location: Store unit in Renaissance Mall, next to Penha and Hilfiger.
Start date: 2014-06-08
End date: 2014-06-28
Time: Business hours

Curaçao, June 10, 2014

Tula 2.0, organized by Mon Art Gallery and foundation Arte’99.
Tula led the slave revolt in 1795. Now 14 artists explore the identity of a new and contemporary fighter for freedom.


“Freedom. Nothing more and nothing less!” Tula’s answer when asked what he was fighting for, was straightforward and resounds to this day. His ideals are still persued. His struggle is still not over. If Tula woud be here with us today, how would he experience our society in 2014? Would he be disappointed or satisfied with our achievements?

Mon Art Gallery presented this question to a selection of Curaçao artists. Each visualized the theme in their own way. The Tula 2.0 exhibition encompasses paintings, drawings, photographs and installations. Themes like exploitation, inequality, love and sacrifice are displayed through Tula’s eyes and through the eyes of contemporary freedom fighters.

Participating artists
Ailsa Anastatia, Herman van Bergen, Carlos Blaaker, Annemieke Dicke, Marcel van Duijneveldt, Ariadne Faries, Jan Gilbert, René Guillot, Ria Houwen, Ans Mezas-Hummelink, Tony Monsanto († 2014), Ellen Spijkstra, Sinaya Wolfert, Giovani Zanolino and Philippe Zanolino.

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The following photographs were taken during the opening event on June 8, 2014.

Fundashon Arte ’99. pa libertat
The Foundation Fundashon Arte ’99 pa libertat organizes art events in 2013 and 2014 to commemorate in Curaçao, the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the Dutch Kingdom.
Click on this link for Arte pa Libertat on Facebook.

Previous commemorative events:
– Exploring the Past to Envisage the Future curated by art historian Jennifer Smit (2014).
– Arte pa Libertat den Pietermaai, organized by NAAM (2013).
– Faces of Curaçao by Faranú and Mike Redman, in Landhuis Bloemhof (2013).
– Exhibition to celebrate the abolition of Slavery by Annemieke Dicke in the Curaçao Maritime Museum (2013).
– Libertat, group exhibition in the art gallery of Kas di Kultura (2013).
– Milk Drops, art project by Nelson González in Landhuis Bloemhof (2013).